TV night with belly laughs…

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Something I highly recommend for a happy life, is a girl’s night in. Me and few ladies from the office have a standing tv night once a month. We drink margaritas, eat snacks and watch trashy tv. It’s loud, catty, girly fun. I find its value immeasurable for my sanity. Working in front of a computer day-in and day-out is isolating. Working in an office you try to be quite and respect everyone’s space, it’s controlled and calculated – sterile even. A night out is nice, but it can also be intimidating and have its own pressures and expectations. A night in is rejuvenating when you feel comfortable. The belly laughs that come from everyone lively watching, what everyone has already excepted is “bad tv” is hysterical and therapeutic.

In a weird way I have also found it helpful with my daughter. She picks up on what’s smart and what isn’t for relationships. As well as what is acceptable and what is dangerous. She is seeing how we interact with each other. How you can have differences of opinions in a fun way while being supportive. As we yell at the TV “what are you doing!” – when the person on TV says the cleshay phrase “I just need to follow my heart.” My daughter very animatedly states “You just met him! OMG at least met his family before you marry him!” It’s then, that I know she’ll be ok, she’s got a head on her shoulders. It also allows me the opportunity to sneak in phrases like “I’d love you no matter what, this is always your home”. She’ll roll her eyes, but she heard me.

It makes me smile. And laugh. then laugh some more.